Episode 47: Optimizing High Performance Energy For Leader‪s

Episode 47: Optimizing High Performance Energy For Leader‪s

Looking at what really makes you happy, sometimes you’re like, I don’t know. So, we step back and say, what doesn’t make you happy? What is it that you don’t want in your life anymore? What is it that you don’t want to see? Because that’s very easy to point out. I don’t want that. That makes me angry. That makes me frustrated. Start listing those out because the opposite, usually the polar opposite will be what it is that you want. And, you’ll start to discover what it is, how you are going to show up, and what it’s going to look like. 

Susanne Mariga:Welcome to the Profit Talk Show. In this show, we’re going to explore strategies to help you maximize profits in your business while scaling and creating the lifestyle that you want as an entrepreneur. I am your host, Susanne Mariga. I am a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Profit First Professional, and a Certified Tax Coach. Today, we’re going to talk about strategies to help you maximize profits in your business. 
Susanne Mariga:Hello, Profit First Entrepreneurs. I am so excited today. We have a special guest and that is Mehreen Siddiqui. Mehreen is a Certified High-Performance Coach. She is also a Certified John Maxwell Team Speaker, Trainer, Coach, and a Corporate Business Consultant with more than 15 years of experience in Corporate America, as well as working with other fortune 500 companies. She’s the co-founder of the non-profit organization SEEMA, and she is really consistent with her success when it comes to exceptional communication and purposeful leadership. What Mehreen does is she coaches corporate leaders, businesses, and she is of real service to them in order to support them in reaching their personal and professional goals. She believes that her life’s mission is to serve clients who strive to have fulfilling lives, all driving to achieve their optimum selves as thriving, high performers. And by doing this, she not only changes the lives of her clients but also changes the lives that they are touching every day. Mehreen, welcome to the Profit Talk. 
Mehreen Siddiqui:Thank you. Thank you for having me. 
Susanne Mariga:So, Mehreen, tell me a little bit about this high-performance coaching, what you do and how that impacts entrepreneurs. 
Mehreen Siddiqui:So, our clients, when they come to us, at Goal Set Coach, they work with Alexis and I, and usually, when they’re coming to us, they’re wanting to get to that next level or they want to be more innovative with the way they’re leading or they’re feeling just overwhelmed and burnt out. And they’re like, “I just don’t know how not to turn it off, I’m always on 24/7”. So, it’s a multitude of where they are because they’re overachievers, they’re driven. They want to get to that next level. So what we do is we help them with the high-performance coaching, how they can optimize themselves so that they can effectively work on this stuff that they want to be working on, the strategies, the vision, and how to make that work and maintain the energy throughout. 
Mehreen Siddiqui:So, there’s a little bit of a dance. We call it work-work balance, and there’s a work-life balance. So, it’s how do you create that happy medium, where your energy stays at that optimal level consistently. So, you’ll work, work, work, and all of a sudden you drop off, and you’re like, you’re down for two days, you can’t talk to anybody, you can’t look at anything. So, how do you stay ahead of that? Because when you’re getting to that six, seven figures, you have to be on all the time. And, how do you create the lifestyle that you want that works with ease and grace? 
Susanne Mariga:That’s a very good, interesting analogy about having to maintain a certain energy level versus the normal highs and lows that a lot of people experience. So, tell me about that. What’s the first thing that goes into really being able to maintain high-performance energy?
Mehreen Siddiqui:The first thing is having that clarity of who it is because when you start and you get to that six-figure, multiple six-figure place, who you were being at that time may not be what’s going to work to get you to the next level. There are going to be new things that you have to deal with, your mindset that’s going to come in, new limiting beliefs, new problems, all of those things. So, we get really centered again. Now that you’re here, and this is who you’re being to get here, now, what is it going to take to get you to the next level? So, once you get really clear on that, you’re able to start stepping into that CEO lifestyle, then we go through the next process. Now that we know that, what’s the energy, how is it that you’re going to show up? So, we go through a series of exercises that builds up to that blueprint or that roadmap that they need to get to that level. 
Susanne Mariga:That’s interesting Mehreen. I would bet that most entrepreneurs don’t realize what’s holding them back, because first of all, only 4% of entrepreneurs ever make it to the seven-figure mark. It’s a very few. And, so, how do you recognize that you’re at that level? That it’s really an energy problem versus just why not keep things going the same? 
Mehreen Siddiqui:Well, it’s exactly what you said. There’s only 4% that make it to that level. And, there’s a reason for that because there’s something you have to push through to get there. And, you may not always know what that is. That’s where we come in and we will go through, we look at what has been working and what’s no longer working for you. One of the exercises the audience could even come into is talking about, even just happiness. What makes you happy? Cause people are like, “oh, I’m happy”, but what is it about your life that makes you happy? A lot of times we’re trying to strategically get somewhere when we’re visionaries and we’re strategic with what strategically getting there. We are not clear what that “there” is, exactly. So it’s stepping back, looking at what really makes you happy. 
Mehreen Siddiqui:And sometimes they’re like, “I don’t know”. So, we step back and say, well, what doesn’t make you happy? What is it that you don’t want in your life anymore? What is it that you don’t want to see? Because that’s very easy to point out. I don’t want that. That makes me angry. That makes me frustrated. So, start listing those out because the opposite, usually the polar opposite, will be what it is that you want. And you’ll start to discover what it is, how you are going to show up, and what it’s going to look like. That’s usually the first step that we go through so that people get really, really clear. And there’s a more series that we go into. It goes really deep, but that’s one of the first levels that we talk about. 
Susanne Mariga:First of all, if you can’t define what is actually missing, figure out what you don’t want. I love that. That’s a very interesting approach. And, that way you can start working on the things that you don’t want to do in order to get what you do want. So, Mehreen, do you have some tips in terms of maintaining energy levels and creating high performance as a leader?
Mehreen Siddiqui:So, one of the tips we tell our people is to be very intentional with your day, and it’s the same stuff you hear from everyone, planning out your day in the morning, getting that morning routine that’s just right for you. For everyone,  it looks different. Some are early risers, some are late risers. Some want to have a coffee. Some of them don’t want to have a coffee. So, you have to find the routine that works for you. That sets you up for success. That is the first step that you want to make sure that you’re incorporating. The other thing is, always recalibrating your week, what it’s going to look like because sometimes it’s so easy for us to fill gaps in our calendar. It happens to me. I am a victim of that as well and fall into that trap, but it’s putting in time and space for yourself, and something that we preach and we practice as well is putting a space in and holding integrity to yourself that you’re holding it for that.
Mehreen Siddiqui:And actually use that time to just be with yourself, whether it’s self-care, whatever it is. So, the third tip on that would be to write down the things that you need to do and discover what those are. Write them down. What are the things that you need to do for your self-care? Because when those times come, sometimes you’re like, well, I really don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Then, you have that list on your fridge or on your monitor, whatever it is, and you pick something from there and do that because when people are so busy, they sit, like me, I don’t watch TV, so I don’t even know what show I’d want to watch. So make a list, ask people what are some good shows so that when you do have the time you already have that list and you’re not wasting time, what we call wasting time is trying to find the show. 
Mehreen Siddiqui:It could be even as simple as taking a walk or reading a book. Self-care could be even just calling a friend, those are the different things. It doesn’t have to be mani-pedi. Sometimes it is the mani-pedi, every six weeks or so, every four weeks. But for some, it may not be what’s self-care for them, maybe just a simple bubble bath and maybe just sitting with the kids and playing with them. So, whatever fills your bucket, make sure that you’ve got the list of that. And you incorporate it intentionally within your calendar every week and really stand by it is very important. 
Susanne Mariga:That’s really important. It starts with time management and really getting back to what’s important to you. I like the idea of just creating lists. You want to watch TV in that week, then you don’t know what to watch, create a list for it. In that way, you’ll have things that you can actually watch when you’re ready to do that, because you’re right, to reach that seven-figure mark, it does take a different level of energy to really get there, and you have to be able to lead teams, become brand and literally, it’s not going to be the same thing that it took to get to that six figures it’s going to take you to the seven-figure. It’s a completely different skill set at that point. And, that energy management does become extremely important for that. So, Mehreen, in terms of profitability, because you know, we are a Profit First Show, and it’s all about the profits, so, why is cultivating that high-performance culture as a leader important? How does that impact our profitability at the end of the day? 
Mehreen Siddiqui:Let me give you an analogy. We’ve talked about cleaning a house. So, you can’t just go shopping for more clothes and more shoes and all the stuff if you don’t have space for it. So, what is it that we do? We do spring cleaning. Spring cleaning in our closet, cleaning the stuff out, and now we’ve got space to bring in the new and the good and the better things that we want. So, think about that way for your life and for your mindset. You want to do a recalibration and look at, what is it that I don’t need anymore? What is not serving me anymore?
Mehreen Siddiqui:And, it’s not only for yourself but even in your business. There are some things that may need to let go, have a consultant, come in, have a team come in because some of us are so into it. And, we’re so passionate about something that we don’t even realize it. So, when you have somebody outside looking at your KPIs or your analytics about how things are working, you can see what the patterns are, and what you need to cut out and focus on. It’s the same thing about cleaning the house, and what programs you have that you may not need to be spending your time on anymore. And that way, you can increase your profit. So it’s very important that you spend time and make it like clockwork. Maybe it’s quarterly, or maybe it’s twice a year that you bring somebody from the outside in and do the analytics and also for your mindset. You want to make sure you’re in a community or have a coach, or a mentor that can guide you through what’s the next step that you need to do, what you need to stop doing, and start doing. 
Susanne Mariga:I love that second set of eyes. Whether it be numbers or just even your energy because I know, one of the hardest things I think for a lot of entrepreneurs to struggle with, I know that I’ve struggled with that too, is the good that you ought to do and what’s holding you back a lot of times. It’s just having that courage to change and let go, as you said, the things that no longer serve you. Do you have any tips on how to make that pivot when you know that it’s an emotional thing of letting go of things that once really served you that no longer serve you?
Mehreen Siddiqui:Well, it’s just like we talk about the seven stages of grief. When change happens, when people leave our company or people, we stop doing something, allow our emotions to feel through it and be very grateful for what it has served thus far and be grateful that it got you to where you are now. When you start looking at it, that way that it served what it needed to do to get you to this level, now, you’re ready to say, thank you for the stepping stool, and now, I’m ready to go to the next level. Then, you’re more grateful and more thankful rather than looking at it as if you’re partying with it. You’ll always know that that’s at your base and do whatever you need to take. I don’t know particularly what it could be, but it could be something that you framed. Maybe you framed a specific number so you can always remember where you started from and look on it a year later to see how far you’ve come. It depends on your business, but think about what you can do to remind yourself to get grounded, that is where you came from and what’s really important to do no matter what aspect of our life, is to be grateful for what we’ve gone through. And, thank you for serving me, and now I’m moving here.
Susanne Mariga:I love that. Just being grateful for where you came from, but realizing that, “Hey, it’s time to let it go” and be open to new possibilities and new things that’ll serve you and allowing that old thing to be of service to someone else potentially, too. I love that. That’s absolutely really great. And, so, Mehreen, with that being said, if you could leave our viewers and our listeners with one thing and it can be personal, it can be business related, what would that one thing be, in terms of advice to really propel their business or their life board? 
Mehreen Siddiqui:The one thing is, honor the struggle because the struggle is so real, and know that when you are struggling, that you’re not alone and make sure that you’ve got a community around you to support you during that time and know that whatever you’re struggling, you’re in that growth, that in between that comfort, that growth area, there’s going to be a lot of feelings, a lot of things that are going to happen, a lot of things that are going to fall apart, but things that be good for you, maybe bad for you, but always look at things as a learning opportunity and just honor it. As entrepreneurs, we all go through it. It doesn’t just happen overnight. So, the ones who’ve made it, really honor their struggle. They really talk about where they came from. So honor that because you’re getting there, and this is just part of what you need to go through to get there. Don’t give up. 
Susanne Mariga:That is amazing. Definitely appreciate the struggle. It’s a story that really builds who you are. I love that Mehreen. Excellent advice. So, Mehreen, how do we contact you to work with you, to learn more, to build high energy within our leadership? 
Mehreen Siddiqui:Alexis and I are all over the internet, so we’re on all social media platforms from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. You can find us under Goal Set Coach. You can also go to our website, goalsetcoach.com and we have an upcoming workshop that’s coming up for entrepreneurs who are wanting to scale to the seven-figure from six to seven. That’s also free,  you can join in, be a part of it. We really serve women entrepreneurs. So, we’ve even got a Facebook group for women who lead and it’s really a phenomenal close-knit exclusive group that we really hug and nurture to make sure that they’re at their optimal level. It’s a lonely place to be when you’re a leader or CEO, so we want to make sure that they know we’ve got them.
Susanne Mariga:Thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you for joining us today, and sharing your knowledge and your wisdom with our viewers and our listeners today. 
Mehreen Siddiqui:Thank you so much for having me. 
Susanne Mariga:I want you to have your most profitable year ever. Yes, no matter what’s going on in the economy, no matter what’s going on in the world, you can have your best year ever. I want to show you how. Join me in our private Facebook group where I will be hosting our Free, Yes, I said Free Profit First Masterclass on Facebook. Please join the Profit First Master Class with Susanne Mariga. I look forward to seeing you there and watching you have your best year ever.

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