Episode 40: The Number 1 Requirement To Scale A Busines‪s‬

Episode 40: The Number 1 Requirement To Scale A Busines‪s‬

What you may be challenged with at your first million will be different from what you know when you reach your 30th million. New level, new devil never goes away. Every time you stretch, things will come up. Your ego will pipe up. Imposter syndrome might pop up, resistance which is part of the human condition will pop up. That’s all very normal. 

Susanne Mariga:Welcome to the Profit Talk Show. In this show, we’re going to explore strategies to help you maximize profits in your business while scaling and creating the lifestyle that you want as an entrepreneur. I am your host, Susanne Mariga. I am a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Profit First Professional, and a Certified Tax Coach. Today, we’re going to talk about strategies to help you maximize profits in your business. 
Susanne Mariga:Hello, Profit First Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders. I am so excited today. We have a special guest. We have Ms. Kelly Ruta. Kelly is a Jersey girl, but she is making it in the South. So, she is totally living in the South of North Carolina right now. And, Kelly’s background is, she’s a seasoned Psychotherapist who has turned Speaker, Mentor, and Coach that specializes in working with these audacious change agents who want to disrupt their status-quo so that everyone benefits. Now, Kelly is the most outgoing introvert that you will ever meet. She is a lover of chocolate and wine, and she’s obsessed with anything related to the beach, and she is on a mission to teach women to be disruptive and to teach them how to shine like the supernovas that they really are in order to create a massive impact in the world without apology. So, please join me in welcoming Kelly Ruta to our platform. Hi,  Kelly, how are you? 
Kelly Ruta: Oh, I’m well. I’m so excited to be here. I’m so honored that you asked me to be on the show, and I’m really excited to have this conversation. 
Susanne Mariga:I am excited to have you on our show, too. For you guys out there that are listening, Kelly Ruta was my coach and I’m telling you this because this is the reason why this podcast exists. I would not get on camera, I would not get on Facebook live until I worked with Kelly, and talk about someone that pushes you out into the pool, that is Kelly. We’ve got a real treat today, being able to pick Kelly Ruta’s mind. Today, we’re going to talk about scaling your business, and the number one thing that you have to accomplish in order to scale your business. If you are at a six-figure, go into seven figures or seven figures going to eight figures, this is the one thing that you need in order to take your business to the next level. So thank you, Kelly, for joining us today.
Kelly Ruta: Thank you. Let’s dive in and talk about that. That one thing, that mistake everybody makes at one point or another on their journey, like you said, whether you were at six, seven, eight, or sometimes even beyond, this is the biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs make when they’re attempting to scale their business. And, that mistake is investing 90% of your time, money, and energy into strategy and tactics, instead of into your mindset development and mastery. I’m big into mastery. I don’t toe-dip into anything. And, the most successful entrepreneurs I know at all levels, are obsessed with mastery. And, this is the gap, this is the thing that I see the mistake over and over and over again, is that there’s this misunderstanding that it is primarily your strategy and tactics that drive your growth when really it’s who you are being that drives what you’re doing, that drives your growth. 
Kelly Ruta:And, not enough people are strategically investing in that development in the way that they’re investing in marketing and copy and Facebook ads and writing their book and getting their podcasts going, all those things are wonderful and necessary, and I do all of them, too. But, when you do it without mastery over what you think, what you believe, how you manage your emotions, how you show up in the world, it’s going to impact every decision you make in business. And, that’s the huge mistake that I see far too many people make that causes a lot of struggle and slowing down of your success.
Susanne Mariga: I love that. Just how we’re showing up in the world dictates some terms of where we’re going. And, so Kelly, tell me about your journey with us. Tell me how you discovered it and what does that look like? Mastering that.
Kelly Ruta:To be honest, what I have found, and I’ll talk about my personal journey in just a second because it’s something that I speak very openly and honestly about, but I stepped into this because I saw and was shocked by a huge gap, especially in the online entrepreneurial industry for Mindset Mastery. I saw a lot of people calling themselves Mindset Coaches. And, when I looked at what they did, I thought to myself, “Oh my goodness, this is what people are paying thousands and thousands of dollars to do, to learn how to write in a journal and think positive thoughts and make a vision board? No, no, no, no, no. That is not what actual transformational mindset work is.” And, so, I saw a huge opportunity to serve people in a deeper way, in a more expert way, and in a more broad way, meaning that the work that I do is all-encompassing.
Kelly Ruta: It’s not just about learning how to think better. It’s everything that is involved in showing up bigger, bolder, more courageous. And, the way I landed here really is, started from an experience at the age of three. So, I am part of the me-too movement. I, unfortunately, was molested at the age of three, from about three to five and it had a profound impact on my life. I ended up going on to be suicidal multiple times. I developed major depression, anorexia, bulimia, complex PTSD, panic attacks, you name it, I developed it as the result of that abuse. And, my memories were repressed around the abuse for a very long time, but your body always knows, your body has memory and it’s separate from cognitive memory. So, I had always known my whole life that something had gone terribly wrong. I knew that I had it, suspected that it was sexual abuse, but I didn’t actually begin to remember that abuse until about two and a half years ago when my mom died.
Kelly Ruta: The reason that happened was that when I told my mom what I thought had happened to me, she did not believe me. So, I knew, or some part of me, a deeper wiser part of me knew, don’t let those memories come back now because her mom is not going to be able to handle this. So, when my mom passed, the memories came back, but really that along with multiple other traumas and challenges that happened throughout my young life in my early adult life led me to become a Psychotherapist. The running joke in that community is, you don’t become a Psychotherapist because you had some easy piece of cakewalk life or childhood, and I was drawn to service. I was really drawn to taking my traumas, my tragedies, my troubles, and turning them into something meaningful and something worthwhile that made a difference in the world. For me living the world better than I found it, is a really big internal driver. 
Kelly Ruta: So, I did that for about 20 years, Susanne and I loved it. It was wonderful, rewarding work. And, I got to a point where I noticed that my clients were still getting amazing results, but I didn’t feel like the work was giving back to me, the same way that it used to. And, so, I just wasn’t finding joy. I also wasn’t creating wealth, either. I was getting by, I mean, we were fine, but I wanted more, I wanted more joy, more fulfillment, I wanted to touch more people’s lives, and I wanted to grow financial independence. And, I made the decision to hire a business coach. And, I made a very, very quick leap into this industry and have been leaping ever since. 
Susanne Mariga: That is amazing. I love the point that you bring out that a lot of times we think we can’t do something because it’s just not working out, or it’s just bad things happening to us that are stopping us in the current moment. But, when you peel the layers back, it’s the things that happened to us when we’re little. Right now, I’m writing this book Profit First for Minority Business Enterprises, which is launching in 2021, and by the way, Kelly motivated me to write this book. One of the things about it and my discovery was, a lot of times what we deal with, especially as Minority Entrepreneurs, out of you guys out there that are minorities, and if you’re a woman-owned business or even a male-owned business, there’s a generational trauma DNA. These are things that we are planted with, just like the black community, like, don’t trust white people. You hear stories like Trayvon Martin, then we think bad things happen. 
Susanne Mariga: We call it like the other self. Put on the show when you’re around people that don’t look like you, and what happens is, your personality gets repressed. So, you start to behave differently than what you would normally behave because something bad has happened to you. Kelly, what you’re talking about is, that trauma affected how you show up in the world. 
Susanne Mariga: And, one of the things I struggled with that you helped me with, was when I was bullied by my team. I was just trying to make everybody happy. The client was happy, the team was happy to the point that I didn’t make myself happy and I literally, one day turned around and asked myself, why am I  doing this? What is the purpose of this? Because everybody else was happy except for me. It’s a lot of times how we’re behaving isn’t really what’s on the surface of what we can understand. We can’t even see it right now because you may not understand it, like you said, it was two years ago when you started to understand it.
Kelly Ruta: Yes. And, one of the things I teach and talk about with my clients that I wish I was hearing more coaches talk about with their clients is the impact of generational and cultural and familial, meaning coming from your nuclear family, either traumas or cycles, because there are some of your listeners who are very fortunate enough to say, “I don’t have trauma in my history”, which is wonderful, so good because the numbers of people with trauma in their lives are huge and frightening. But, even if you weren’t traumatized by something that happened because you grew up black, by something that happened because you grew up getting messages from generation after generation, after generation, that drove scarcity and lack mindset, or your family traumatized you in some way, you definitely got messages that have created cycles for you. 
Kelly Ruta: You may not realize it. And, people who loved you didn’t intend to do that to you. They simply did not know better. That’s why I am so excited about being alive, and doing this work at this time in history because I do know better. I can teach you to know and do better in a way that we didn’t really have a lot of access to before. And, this is going to make all the difference in the world when skilled people can guide other people through those traumas and through breaking those cycles, because it directly impacts how you show up as a leader, as an entrepreneur, as a service provider. And, it also impacts how you show up in your own personal life as a spouse, a partner, a parent, a sister, a friend. So, these things are incredibly important, but they’re very hard things to talk about. 
Kelly Ruta: And, I’m really a firm believer in expertise is required in this area. This is not something that you just go and get a six-month coaching certification, and then come out saying, you’re an expert because trauma is no joke. It is no joke. And, if you do not do expert work with people, you can reactivate or re-traumatize them. And, there’s extra work for people like myself to do, in order to be able to work with people of color because I’ve not walked a day in your shoes, and I never ever will. I need to have extra education, and training in order to be able to guide you properly because people of color’s experience is unique to them. And, I have to be able to be very well-educated to guide. 
Susanne Mariga: Right. And, it’s just so interesting because I know, for me personally, when I was working with Kelly for a year, I just didn’t realize what I was like, I didn’t really have trauma or anything that I can remember and it’s going back to stories. The stories my parents told me, the stories that their grandparents told them, and the stories of their great grandparents, all the way back to like slavery and all were stories I was brought forward in terms of how I show up in the world. And, even if some people have well wealth stories, not having enough money and that being passed down there, or being good stewards, all these stories get passed down and become who we really are, and how we can trust those around us. So, Kelly, I know you’ve got some tricks and tips in your bag in terms of how we can start to really uncover who we are and to create the mindset that we need to be able to take our businesses to the next level. 
Kelly Ruta: There are a few very simple things that are great places to start. Number one is, to return to the Pareto principle, which we all know in terms of strategy and tactics. So, where is 80% of your results coming from? What’s the 20% of work and this is not work on your business, this is work on yourself that you’re doing, that’s driving 80% of your results? What you may be very surprised to find is that 80% of your results are kind of negative. In other words, you have self-doubt. You lack confidence. You are highly critical or perfectionistic. You try to control yourself, your teams, your clients, rather than be in command and lead your business and lead your clients. That’s a really good first indicator that most entrepreneurs, we’re already familiar with that principle, but we tend to apply it towards the tactics in our business and not think about it from you in terms of mindset. 
Kelly Ruta: So, some of you may not even be actively working on yourself in this way. That is a red flag because this is non-negotiable work at every level of revenue, whether you’re at 50 million, or you’re approaching your first million, it makes no difference because the new level, new devil experience never ever goes away. Now, what you may be challenged with at your first million will be different from what you know when you reach your 30th million, and new level, new devil never goes away. Every time you stretch, things will come up, your ego will pipe up, imposter syndrome might pop up, resistance, which is part of the human condition will pop up. That’s all very normal. This is why, if you look at the 80-20 principle and you apply it to the work you’re doing on yourself, it may be very eye-opening. 
Kelly Ruta:You may very quickly realize that you’re not putting in the work on yourself to yield the confidence, steadiness, resilience. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that making consistent deposits in your resilience account, is as important as depositing into your profit account and that’s work we have to be doing all the time. So, that’s one or two things right there. Secondly, you’ve got to understand that if you’re scaling and I’m assuming all of you who are listening are actively scaling, it is going to require a new level of leadership from you. Because when you scale, you’re doing less of the doing in the business, and you’re really in a space of the being and the leading in the business, which can be quite an uncomfortable shift if you’re really used to just being that go-getter, hard worker, work yourself to the bone, work 80 hours a week, do all the things. 
Kelly Ruta:And, I appreciate your work ethic. I appreciate your willingness to get done anything that needs to be done. However, that can be a trap as well, because you cannot scale with ease if you are not willing to step out of the doing and into the leading. And, so the question you have to be asking yourself is, what do I need to cultivate within my thoughts, the way I manage my emotions, and the way I make my decisions so that I lead in a more empowered and impactful way? Because, if you’re used to being the hustling do or get it done, that’s going to be your default. That’s what you’re going to want to go back to all the time. And then, you just create this experience of micromanaging people. And, nobody likes to be micromanaged. It’s awful. It’s an awful experience. So, that’s another thing. 
Kelly Ruta:And then, finally this idea of investing in yourself as an investment in the growth and scaling of your business. I don’t just mean your revenue and your profit. I mean, the impact also that you’re making on the world, and the legacy you’re leaving behind by doing really good work in the world with and for people. That requires investment in yourself, not just investment in your strategy, in your marketing, in your sales, in your offers, it’s an investment you have to make in yourself over and over and over again. I was laughing when I spoke at an event earlier today. I did a little Q and A session, and somebody said to me, “Kelly, I’m already at seven figures and I’m ready to go to multiple seven figures. And, all of this old stuff is coming up. What is that? What is wrong with me?” 
Kelly Ruta:That question right there is going to drag you down. There’s nothing wrong with you. What you all have to accept is that, while you have your own unique genius, you are here with a purpose, you are still a human being, and even though you are all divine on your own, you are not going to escape the human condition, or the human experience, which means you have to learn how to master being a human being, dealing with your resistance, dealing with your doubt when it gets triggered, dealing with your triggers, dealing with shame, dealing with old things that come up because we all know, I’m preaching to the choir here, we all know that growing a business will press every button you have and all the ones you didn’t even know were there. So, you have to really invest in yourself with the same consistency and commitment that you invest in your business. When you do that, you become totally unstoppable.
Susanne Mariga:I absolutely love that. I love how you apply the Pareto principle, which if you guys are not familiar with the 80-20 rule, what Pareto tells us is that we’re going to spend 80% of our resources, energy, love, passion, time, life on just 20% of our bottom-line results. And, I know when I was working with Kelly, one of the big things that she did was getting comfortable showing up in your authentic self, and being able to tell your story. And, I remembered she challenged us to get on Facebook Live every week, sharing our story, and how it’s impacting us. At the time I was scared to death of it. 
Susanne Mariga:Now that I looked back, it’s one of the biggest life-changing events for me, and it really flipped the script for me. And, that’s where I needed to be spending my effort to 20% learning to show up in my authentic self, learning to tell my story and that’s exactly how we’re talking today. But, I would have known that because it took me 42 years to even get to the point that I was missing the 20%, it took literally working with Kelly to realize that and draw that back. And, that’s the great thing about working with an experienced coach like Kelly. You guys who are watching this podcast, you are type A people, you are achievers, you are doers. 
Susanne Mariga:If you’re growing a seven-figure business, you didn’t get here by luck, it’s a combination of great blessings and effort. My dad is Chinese, my mother is African-American, and I grew up in a do-do culture. I need to do a lot of things until I  get where I need to go and I earn my place at a table because growing up, my parents always taught me that I’m a woman of color. I’m going to have to work three and a half times harder than anybody else to be able to sit at a table and be considered equal. That’s just the reality you’ll have to face. This is a story that we’re told, this is a story that their parents told them. 
Susanne Mariga:And, that was the legacy that was passed to me. So, I was a do-do-do girl, if you want to get something done, I will do it. And, that made it hard for leadership because I was so caught up in doing that I didn’t know how to really lead because I had to be front and center, I had to do the work and it was Kelly saying, you know what, wait a minute. Where’s your 20%? It’s learning to pick the right people, motivate them, allow them to shine, and motivation is being able to tell your story and relate. 
Kelly Ruta:Yes. And, as a woman of color, I have to say to you, one of the things that makes me the most proud to know you is that you’ve decided to show up all the time. And when people show up all the time, what happens is, you not only create a new normal for yourself. In other words, you say, “Oh, this is just what I do now. I show up all the time and I speak my truth.” So, what used to feel crazy is now your new normal, which is fabulous. But, the other thing, and especially in marginalized communities, why this is so important is that, for our brains and our minds, it’s so much easier to see possibility when we see someone who looks like us, sounds like us, speaks like us, has a story like us. 
Kelly Ruta:And, I think that’s true for everyone, but it’s especially true in communities with marginalized people. So, seeing you as a woman of color step up, speak out, lead, run a very successful business, that’s going to allow young women of color or even older women of color who just thought, “Oh, I just never even considered this as a possibility for me.” To make it easier to see, they see you, and they hear your story that has struggles and triumphs and challenges and all sorts of things, and they can see themselves in you, and then it makes it easier for their brain to say, “Oh, maybe me too, maybe that’s available to me, too.” And that’s what I’m proud of you for so many reasons because it has such a ripple effect. It’s just huge. I want to just close by adding, look, we’re all past the experience of business being transactional. 
Kelly Ruta:Nobody wants it to be transactional. Nobody wants to feel like a sale, a number, a contributor to somebody owning a yacht. Nobody wants to feel like that. Props to you if you have a yacht, that’s not the point, but you know, nobody wants to feel when they work with a service provider, like a transaction. And, one of the ways we start to create better relationships with our community and people we don’t even know yet, or work with, is by telling our story, but not telling it from the space of being a mess, but from the space of being real, honest in saying, “I turned a tragedy or a trauma or a tribulation of some sort into an absolute triumph.” And, that is really important that people see it. Wasn’t “I’m not an overnight success, I don’t have a silver spoon in my mouth and that’s how I got here, or it’s I really did the work on myself to be able to show up, not as a victim or not with, Oh, this has to be hard all the time. It’s hard enough. Let’s not make it harder.” So, enough with the transactional stuff, start showing up and just speaking your truth and your people will be drawn to you. It’s impossible not to be drawn because we are hardwired as humans, for story. 
Susanne Mariga: Definitely. I tell you guys, it wasn’t easy to share my story. I grew up just like you guys, and my parents taught me, don’t talk to strangers, don’t look, don’t post anything on social media, you don’t want to be loud, you stay quiet and stay unseen. That was the training that I had growing up as well as many of you. And so, to get out there and tell my story, that was the biggest change for me. Because one, when you start to get your employees and your employees are starting to work with you, if you treat it transactional like, “okay, you will create a tax return.”
Susanne Mariga:They’ll create a tax return because that’s a job. That’s a dollar per hour job. That’s a transactional job. But if you say, “Hey, we are working with entrepreneurs, not just to do tax returns, we’re helping them build well, we’re helping them that one day when we retire, they’re going to be able to retire, too. And we’re helping them change their generational legacy by building that wealth, and helping others”, because people that start bins, hire others that they’re able to give back into the community, especially with minorities. We hire others that look like us, and we give them opportunities that they would not normally have. We changed generations. We create generational wealth. But, when you can teach your team that this is why we do it, this is why we are changing lives, this is why we get up in the morning, this is what we do, then you have a completely different impact. 
Kelly Ruta:They buy into the mission and the vision. And, when you give them permission to shine in whatever position, whether they’re just in a beginner’s role or they’re at some sort of mastery level in your business, if you’re constantly giving them opportunities to shine, everybody benefits, but they have to be bought into the story of that mission and long-term vision. So, that’s how you pour into your people. And then, they in return, pour back into the business, they pour into the clients and they are financially and personally rewarded because when you feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself, Oh my goodness, it just really fuels you getting up in the morning and being a high performer, whether you’re an entrepreneur or you’re an entrepreneur working for an entrepreneur. So, that’s incredibly important.
Susanne Mariga: Definitely. Now, Kelly, I want to ask a question as we wind down, and one of the things that we love to ask is if you could leave one piece of advice and it can be personal, it can be business-related if you could leave one piece of advice to our rising entrepreneurs who are getting out there and starting to scale, what would that piece of advice be? 
Kelly Ruta: It would be this. Stop treating every revenue level like an arrival, and start looking at your business growth as a journey. And, the reason why this is so profoundly important is that, if you treat it like an arrival mentally and emotionally, you will constantly be striving and also making really false assumptions about what’s going to happen. Every time I hear, “Oh, when I get to a hundred thousand, it’s going to be like this. When I get to a million, it’ll finally be like this.” That’s arrival thinking. When you think of the whole thing as a journey and an experience, that is just rich with so many things, money included, but so many other things, then you don’t get so caught up in the arrival. You can be more present at the moment and it doesn’t mean that you’re not striving for the next level, it just means that you can slow down enough to enjoy what’s already here, because if what’s already here doesn’t have something for you, I guarantee you, what you get to next will not hold something for you, either. 
Susanne Mariga: I love that. That is really deep, looking at the entire experience as a journey versus a point to get to my arrival. To be able to enjoy the journey and take a deep breath on it is so critical and so important because I remembered when I came to you, Kelly, I was asking you, “how do you spell happy? And you’re like, I’m still not happy. 
Kelly Ruta: That’s right. That’s the perfect, most beautiful example of arrival thinking. I’ve had many seven figure clients who have said to me, “Kelly, I made a million. Now what? Well, I don’t feel any better. I don’t feel like a different person. Okay. I have more stuff, but I don’t feel any more fulfilled.” So, Oh, that’s a beautiful example. 
Susanne Mariga: Well, you taught me. So, thank you so much. So, guys remember the journey. We’re on a journey. We are not arriving. We arrive when we’re at six feet under. It’s a journey. 
Kelly Ruta: That is right.
Susanne Mariga: So, Kelly, how can our viewers and listeners contact you to work with you? What’s the best way to reach you?
Kelly Ruta: Oh, it’s so easy. You can find me by my name on Facebook, by my name on Instagram, or by typing in my name.com when visiting my website. I answer emails. I answer DMS. I answer voice messages. So, just reach out if you’d like to talk about working together, and let’s see if we’re a good match and this is the best next step for you because that’s what it’s all about. What is your best next step? Don’t ever settle for just doing what’s next.
Susanne Mariga: So, I’m going to put Kelly’s contact information in our show notes, but it’s Kelly Ruta. So, K E L L Y R U T A so, kellyruta.com. And, I will put that in the show notes. So, definitely give Kelly a call. The world’s best Mindset Coach. You can’t go wrong with her. It is the best investment that you can make in yourself. So, thank you Kelly, for joining us today. 
Kelly Ruta: I am humbled by your compliments. Thank you so much. And, thank you to the audience for listening. I’ve had a great time talking with you today.
Susanne Mariga: Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Susanne Mariga: I want you to have your most profitable year ever. Yes, no matter what’s going on in the economy, no matter what’s going on in the world, you can have your best year ever. And I want to show you how. Join me in our private Facebook group where I will be hosting our FREE, yes, I said Free Profit First Masterclass on Facebook. Please join the Profit First Master Class with Susanne Mariga. I look forward to seeing you there and watching you have your best year ever.

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