Episode 34: Train Like An Athlete To Increase Productivity‬

Episode 34: Train Like An Athlete To Increase Productivity‬

Time management is not the thing to focus on. Energy management is what we need to focus on. You can manage your time in the best way possible. If your energy is not in the right place, in other words, you don’t have energy, things are not going to work. 

Susanne Mariga:
Welcome to the Profit Talk Show. In this show, we’re going to explore strategies to help you maximize profits in your business while scaling and creating the lifestyle that you want as an entrepreneur. I am your host, Susanne Mariga. I am a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Profit First Professional, and a Certified Tax Coach. Today, we’re going to talk about strategies to help you maximize profits in your business. 
Hello, Profit First Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders. I am so excited today because we have a special guest. Her name is Larisa Petrini and she’s an Age Reversal Expert. She’s also an Epigenetic specialist that’s known for turning back the clock 10 years. So, ladies, you know it, we want to look good. Who doesn’t want to go back in 10 years? She has contributed to Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Forbes, and Shape magazines. Larisa is the founder of Bodyology, which is a proprietary system that’s designed to help high-performing women really reversed their age and sizzle with energy and confidence in their midlife years. She’s helped hundreds of women achieve really the results to be able to get back in shape, be able to overcome chronic fatigue, solve dry and sagging skin, and also deal with our moods and hormonal imbalances. 
She’s studied Health, Nutrition, Sleep, Epigenetics in some of the leading schools across the world, including Cornell University and Precision Nutrition. She has worked with celebrities as well as physicians around Switzerland, Netherlands, and the US. So, please join me in inviting Larisa to our platform. Today, we’re going to talk about how to use kamikaze to increase productivity, so that we don’t have to train like athletes, so that we can use our natural design to increase our own productivity. So Larisa, welcome to our platform. How are you?
Larisa Petrini:I’m okay. Thank you for having me. I’m super excited about this interview.
Susanne Mariga:We’re excited to have you because who doesn’t want to go back 10 years and get more energy? 
Larisa Petrini:Yeah, exactly. It depends. Some of us will not necessarily want to go there, and I’m not talking here about the aesthetics. They say, “I am wiser these days. So, if you can get me back in terms of aesthetics, I will be more than happy.” And, what I always say is the fact that aesthetics is an outcome, it’s not exactly what I do. What I do is Epigenetics. This is actually my field of play, as you said, I’m an Age Reversal Expert specialized in science-based programs, and these programs are made to measure from your DNA. So, it’s a very interesting field of play. It’s a pretty innovative field of play, and what I do every single day is that I help six, seven, and eight-figure entrepreneurs reverse their biological age so that they will feel and also look irresistible, I love to say in their 40s. So, I only work with women and I love working with women in their 40s. And, this is without surgery and without exhausting beauty regimens.
Susanne Mariga:I love that because that’s probably the time when we start to really change, in our 40s. I know that feeling being the mid-years myself right now. 
Larisa Petrini:This is backed by science. Aging accelerates in our 40s. We lose muscle mass, we lose some significant amount of hormones. Our skin starts losing elastin and collagen. Our metabolism is slower. So, this is something that we experience. There is something that I love to call the “mirror moment.” And, this is a moment in which my clients have a huge mirror where they look and they’re like, “Oh my God, I want my body back. I have these extra pounds. I have these wrinkles on my face. I don’t have the energy anymore. My metabolism is not the same. So what’s going on here? Where is my 10 years back version? I want that back.” So, things are changing dramatically, I would say in our 40s. And, I am there to give back hope if you want. I love doing that through a science-based program. 
Susanne Mariga:I love that. Isn’t that funny? When we’re at the height of our career, everything else starts to break down, so we need people like you that can balance that.
Larisa Petrini:Absolutely. And, this is also the reason why I love working with entrepreneurs because they are high achievers. They know how to perform. They need to be productive. So, they want the results, and these results, since they are science-based, and also the solution is super tailored made, they love it because they get almost instant results, not instant, but they get quick results and they are able to continue performing and be productive and have energy and everything they need in order for them to stay up in their game. 
Susanne Mariga:Larisa, tell me, how did you stumble upon this field? This is very unique, out of the box and it’s not a normal thing that we stumble upon as entrepreneurs. Tell me about your career path. How did you stumble upon this, and tell us about your journey with this?
Larisa Petrini:So, I started as a journalist a long time ago. I’m 41. So, when I was 18, I started very early. I was very fascinated about work. Then, I moved into Public Relations and Communications. So, that was my field of play for 15 years. I was running a very successful Public Relations Agency. Exactly 10 years back, at the end of October, I went to Malaysia for two months. That was a shorter sabbatical for me. It was the best decision I could make for myself because that was the moment and the place where I decided the fact that I will do something else with my life and career. 
So, what happened in that year, in 2010, was the fact that I went through a divorce, and then I was also misdiagnosed with thyroid cancer. That was a huge wake-up call. And, I promised myself that I will do my best to help as many women as possible to avoid this type of crisis in their lives. So, I am a true believer in the fact that we can have success, get where we need to get in our business without sacrificing our family, our health, and those things that are basically very important for us. Business is also very important, of course, but we don’t need to sacrifice anything in the process. So, that was the turning point or an instrumental moment for me and for what I do today. It took me another four years to actually move out of that agency, the public relations agency, and do what I do today. 
In the meantime, during those four years, I started to certify myself in several topics or domains. The number one topic was Nutrition. Then, I moved into Sports Nutrition, talking about athletes and champions and high achievers. I love the idea of working with professional athletes. Then, I moved into Sleep because what I discovered was the fact that most of those women who cannot lose weight also have issues with their sleep. There is a very tight link, a very strong link between the quality of your sleep and what happens during the night with your hormones and the fact that you cannot get rid of that health. So, I moved into that. I am also a Certified Sleep Coach and the last set of certifications because it’s not just one area in Epigenetics, and I love Epigenetics and doing this because it’s all about personalization. In a sentence, it’s all about using a genetic report. 
This is the type of report that is going to show me and my client what’s going on inside their body at their DNA level and what they should know and do so that their health is going to go to the next level. The right type of foods, the right type of diet, not those fat diets you’re seeing in the market and you are encouraged to try, and the right things you should do in regards to your sleep, stress level, also the right type of movement for your body because we are very different as well. Not only in terms of diet, but there might also be potential intolerances, potential reactions, or allergies to certain foods, as well as the certain predispositions they might have for certain so-called lifestyle diseases. Whether we talk about Alzheimer’s, whether we talk about part of Parkinson’s, whether we talk about dementia, schizophrenia, or depression.
So, all these diseases are mapped out so that they know what they should do and how they can avoid that. Another thing they will get once they do this report and we work together, have to do with their skin. And here, there is a huge industry out there, the beauty industry and the skincare industry, and you have millions of options. And, what I discovered was the fact that 95% of my clients were using the wrong skincare products for their specific needs. So, one of the things we do together is to get rid of those and bring in the right products for them, bring in the right foods for them, bring in the right supplements for them so that they will be in the best shape possible for their business and for their life as well. 
Susanne Mariga:I love that. There are so many juicy things that you just said, Larisa.  Just even your story, starting out with your own trauma with having to go through misdiagnosis of cancer with a divorce, and other things that we’re going through in life, those stressors that happen in life have a toll on our health. Yours was pretty significant. There’s stress going through a divorce and linking that with a cancer diagnosis. That’s very significant. But, I like it even more because when you talk about epigenetics, somebody of us says, “Hey, I’m a diet expert.” I think I’ve been on everyone who has been out there in the market, but I’ve never looked at genetic code. All of us have a different genetic code, which makes losing weight affect us differently. I think that’s just fascinating and amazing. So, Larisa, what the question is, what can we do to really work with our genetic code, to optimize performance and optimize our health? 
Larisa Petrini:The first thing I would say, and this has to do with mindset because I work on that first, both inside my Glorious 40, this is the name of my signature program, it’s a 12-month program and in my private coaching, the first foundational thing we do is mindset. I can hand over the best diet, the best ingredients or foods, the best supplements, the best skincare products but if you have the wrong mindset, things are definitely not going to work for you because you will not be committed. You will want the change, but you will not be committed to the road or to the journey you want. So, the first thing I would say is the fact that we need to make a shift from what I call a kamikaze mindset, and having a kamikaze mindset is someone who performs, but they sacrifice a lot in the process. 
They sacrifice their health. They might sacrifice their relationships, their life in general. So, they don’t take enough time for themselves. They don’t use certain solutions or resources for them to function properly. The other mindset I encourage everyone to take into account is the so-called athlete mindset. An athlete will still perform and we’ll still get results because they are both actually high achievers, but they will not sacrifice their body and their health in the process also because they needed their body to perform. So, the main difference here is the fact that the first one sacrifices a lot in the process, and the second one is wiser in terms of using the right system, using certain resources so on and so forth. 
So, if we would have a look at every successful athlete, we will discover the fact that they have a nutritionist in their team. They have someone who is taking care of their muscles, a massage therapist, they have a coach, so they have four, or sometimes even five professionals helping this person to get there, the same way entrepreneurs need. They need this because it’s very important for them to be in the best possible. They always say the fact that time management is not the thing to focus on. Energy management is what we need to focus on. You can manage your time in the best way possible. If your energy is not in the right place, in other words, you don’t have energy, things are not going to work. 
You can manage lots of things. If you don’t manage yourself and your energy, you will not be able to perform. One of the things there, and this is something that I love to talk about is a very simple thing if you want, and the test to do with us honoring our biological rhythms instead of fighting them. And, this is something that I see my clients do a lot. Another thing and I will explain a little bit in a minute is the idea of honoring the way our bodies are built. And when I say our bodies as females because I work with female entrepreneurs, this is my target audience, I don’t work with men, what I mean by that here is the fact that as women, we have different cycles than men, we cycle on a 28-day rotation while men cycle on a 24-hour rotation. 
Even we know that, maybe we are not aware, but it’s something that we definitely know. We ask our bodies to be in a production mode all the time. And this perpetual production is not going to happen if we don’t listen to our body’s specific needs. There are four phases. I will just list them. I will not go so much into details here. There are four phases of our cycle, and each of these phases is important for every single entrepreneur when it comes to productivity and the way they perform. The first one is called the follicular phase. The second one is called ovulation, and we are familiar with that. The third one is the luteal phase and the last one is the menstrual phase. So, what we often do is that we try to push, push, push our bodies and our brain, and sometimes we are even frustrated about the fact that we don’t get enough from our body and ourselves. 
The wise thing to do here is to map out and also split the type of activities we do inside these four phases. The follicular one is the best for brainstorming, planning, and initiating projects, for example. The next one, the ovulation phase is the one in which communication, pitching, and also collaboration is the best. And here, our hormones play a very important role. The next one, the luteal phase is the one in which we can focus ourselves. So these last two phases are, or inside these two phases, we are turning inward and we can focus on details. We can focus the best on completing things. We get the most of our work because we have the capacity to focus. And then during our menstrual cycle, what we should do the best is to rest, to reflect on the project we initiated, or resolved in the follicular and ovulation phase, and also do research.
For most of my clients, 95% plus of my clients can see the huge shifts in terms of energy. So, this is something that I would love your audience to experience and to see what happens there and how they will thrive from the productivity point of view. Now, the next thing that has to do with us honoring our biological rhythms is the fact that eight hours after waking up between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM for most women, for most people, there is a dip in our circadian rhythm and this is lasting about an hour. What happens here is the fact that our alertness is going to decrease. There are some hormonal changes happening in our body and also some swings in the blood sugar level. Another important thing and this is key for entrepreneurs is the fact that our brain works during this specific period with limited rationality. 
In other words, during this period, your brain has access to only six or seven levels of logic from the usual 25 levels of logic we have access to outside of this specific interval. Now, another interesting thing is the fact that if this period is going to overlap with the time we digest food, which is usually the case because we have our lunch around one o’clock, our level of attention is going to reach its lowest point. Now, what I advise everyone to do is to make sure they plan their activities in such a way they avoid doing a certain task like if they need to work with numbers, for example, this is not the ideal timing for that. What we can do here is we can plan meetings with our team. We can have phone conversations, ideally, we should do them while walking, ideally outside so that we are going to be exposed to natural light.
Outside of this period, there are two more important things or gaps, if you want, or moments in the day. The first one is the fact that we need to take a physiological break around 11 o’clock. Why is that? Our brain will reach its first energy peak around one or two hours after breakfast. This is usually between 9:30 and 11:00. This is also the ideal time to put our short-term memory, our working memory to work if we need to find inspiration, if we need to take care of pending files, or something that requires from us quick thinking, this is the best period for that. Our intellectual abilities will climb again in the second half of the afternoon. This is two hours and a half after lunch. 
Our long-term memory is going to be increased and is the perfect time to do the detailed work, deal with complicated figures, learning something new, so on and so forth. And the third one is so-called intelligence speak if you want is going to happen for everyone in the evening, one or maximum of two hours after our evening meal. This is something that I work with clients a lot not only on the specific things they need to do or consume but also on the way they map their days and the way they take care of their energy. And the best days to work are Tuesdays to Thursdays. So, Monday and Fridays, I like to say they are sort of mediocre days.  So we are not the best on Monday and Friday. The reason for that is the fact that Monday is a day in which we adapt, somehow our body maps and our brain adapts to the resting period we had over the weekend. And then Friday again, our brain is already wired to what’s going to happen during the weekend. 
Susanne Mariga:Definitely! Once a weekend starts, it’s like Pavlov’s dog on Friday. That is some juicy morsels. Just realizing and just coming to terms and accepting that there are times that we’re going to be at peak performance and there are times that we’re not.  Don’t ever try to train anybody right after our lunch. They can’t comprehend. There’s too much going on in the digestive system. You’re right. I never really stopped to think about it in terms of like, there are times that were most productive for different things, and it’s just not only what’s happening during the day, but what’s happening during the month too, for women. Now I’m a little envious of men that they can recycle in 24 hours. That’s just not fair.
Larisa Petrini:But on the other hand, we can be extremely productive and we can either work and focus our work outside in the first two phases. And then we can turn inward and be extremely productive. So, what my clients say is the fact that they are like three times, five times more productive during those phases. We just need to listen to our bodies and follow that. This is again science-based. It has to do with our hormones and the fact that our hormones are not always in the same place during the month. This is also the reason, by the way, most of the studies are done on men, not women because our hormones are ups and downs. So, lots of people are upset. A lot of women, of course, are upset about that because we are not a part of those studies. On the other hand, it’s just something that needs to be done because of our hormonal changes during the month. So, listen to your body, take care of yourself in such a way that you actually bring at the surface the best you can, and you will see huge improvements in productivity. 
Susanne Mariga:I love that. Work with your natural inclinations, work with your natural body, and circadian rhythm just like Profit First. We work with our natural rhythm in order to increase profitability versus working against yourself where you’re constantly pushing against the grain and it just makes things hard. So, really just starting to take a look at that. So, Larisa, when you’re starting to work with your natural rhythm, what’s the best place to start with that? What’s the best place to start that and implementing that so that we can maximize our productivity with that? 
Larisa Petrini:There are things that we need to be attentive at and to be careful about. The number one thing is definitely to, or one of the first things is definitely sleep and the number of hours we sleep. What is important here is not only the number but also the certain interval we sleep. There is a thing called primetime hours, I love to call them like that. They happen between 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM. And I love to call them like that because, during this interval, our body’s going to release one of the most important hormones there. This is called the human growth hormone. It’s also called the youth hormone. What is interesting about this hormone is the fact that your body’s not going to release this hormone in another interval during the night or during the day. 
So, if you miss this hormone, chances are, you will look older, you will feel older, you will not have enough energy and you will not necessarily know why. So, one of the first things I do with my clients is the fact that I make sure they go to bed around 10 o’clock. There is another thing that happens around 10 o’clock. Our brain and our body is wired and built in such a way that is going to release another important hormone. And that hormone is melatonin. This is also called the sleep hormone. If we stay or engage in social media, we watch Netflix, we use screens for work, anything that has to do with any type of screen is going to actually confuse your brain and your body, and your brain and your body will mistake this type of light with natural light. And instead of producing melatonin, it’s going to inhibit melatonin. 
Melatonin is also an important hormone when we talk about aging and that’s being vital and having the right amount of energy there. As we age, we lose melatonin. This is a hormone that is not going to be there in the same amount forever. So, this is something that I explain to my clients and of course, this is not the best news for everyone because who can go to bed at 10? But we need to do this especially if we want to be productive. We want to have more vitality and energy while we do or implement things in our business. So, sleep is important, and going to bed at 10 o’clock and also ideally going to bed at the same hour and waking up at the same hour so that we will not confuse our body. 
Another important thing is hydration. Here, this is a myth about the fact that we should drink eight glasses of water. This is something that I hear a lot in my clients, and they are like, “but I drink eight glasses of water,” and my answer to that is “eight glasses of water are not the amount of water you should drink,” and they are like, “how come?” The amount of water we should consume needs to be directly correlated with our weight. And the best thing we can do for our health is to take into account 5% of our body weight when we assess how much water we should consume. Why water is so important for entrepreneurs, and for everyone in general? 100% of dehydration causes a loss of 10% of your daily performance.
If you don’t drink that 5% amount from your body weight in water, chances are, you will not be able to focus. You will not be able to perform. And this again is backed by studies. It’s not something that I am saying, it’s something that can be easily found in studies. The next thing is movement. Movement is something that we oftentimes say we don’t have time for. What I want to say here is the fact that physical activity is going to increase our productivity. The reason is very simple. This is going to also increase blood flow, therefore our ability to focus. So, instead of saying, “I don’t have time,” I would challenge if someone would tell me that, and this is funny because it’s happening inside my coaching sessions and conversations with my clients, they are like, “Oh my God, I don’t have that hour a day.” 
And then I’m like, “do you know how much is an hour in a day?” And then I explained the fact that one single hour out of those 24 hours equals 4% of our time. So, it’s just a matter of again, mindset. It’s not a matter of, “I don’t have time.” I’m sure we can find 4% of our time to move our bodies. This is another important thing I want to highlight, we don’t need to excessively move our bodies. We don’t need to kill ourselves in the gym. I would say on the contrary, especially for us, we mean putting lots of stress on our body, on our physical body through movement is something that will actually make harm or do harm to the hormones into our body. It’s not going to help us.
What we need to do here. It’s also convenient from my perspective is to simply take at least those 10K steps. If we manage to do that, this is a big win because this is a type of movement referred to as Non-Exercise Associated Thermogenesis or NEAT. What’s interesting about NEAT or these type of movement or walks or taking a daily walk is the fact that the NEAT type of movement burns 200% more daily calories than exercise. So, when I explain this to my clients, they’re like, “Oh my God, I’m going to take those 10K steps. I’m going to forget about the gym. I’m going to make time to do this.” So they’re super excited about it. Another thing we can do, and this is great for entrepreneurs is to apply what I call the 30, 30, 30 rule. 
What do I mean by that? 30% of our time we work standing, and there are lots of resources for standing desks. I have a standing desk, and this is a desk that you can use remote control and you can put it up or down. So the first part of my day, I work standing, then I move down and I sit for another 30% of my time. The last one is the one in which I still sit, but I use a Pilatus ball so that my muscles and I somehow move there a little bit. My body will not get in the same place. So, this is something that we can definitely do. Another interesting idea and some of my clients started to implement that, is the idea to use the so-called treadmill desk or so-called walking pad.
So, one of the best investments I did this autumn was a walking pad. It looks like a yoga mat on which you can walk. You can put it under your desk, of course, the standing desk, because you need to walk and to stand. It’s an amazing thing in which I have the chance to work or listen to something or do my coaching calls or do phone calls with my team while I do my steps, especially now that the cold season is in. So, this is a great addition for anyone and everyone. Walking pad, or a treadmill, a standing desk or a treadmill desk. And the 30, 30, 30 rule is something that will definitely help. This would be from my perspective, plus the very important one of course is nutrition. 
The way we feed our body and here, I would like to highlight a few things, one of those things is the fact, especially during stressful periods, we need to make sure we focus a lot on the quality of the foods we consume when it comes to our diet and not so much on the quantity. What usually happens is that when we are very stressed, we tend to overeat. This is something that actually is going to add stress to our body instead of releasing the stress there. So, we don’t need huge amounts of food, we can get on with smaller portions. And one of the most important things here is to be attentive to saturated fats that are very difficult or more difficult to digest by our body. 
The way we feed our body and here, I would like to highlight a few things, one of those things is the fact, especially during stressful periods, we need to make sure we focus a lot on the quality of the foods we consume when it comes to our diet and not so much on the quantity. What usually happens is that when we are very stressed, we tend to overeat. This is something that actually is going to add stress on our body instead of releasing the stress there. So, we don’t need huge amounts of food, we can get on with smaller portions. And one of the most important things here is to be attentive to saturated fats that are very difficult or more difficult to digest by our body. 
Alcohol is another thing we need to pay attention to. I know it’s easy to pour a glass of wine and one wine in the evening because we had a stressful day, and it’s just that alcohol is not going to help us. Then, of course, we need to ideally focus on whole foods, whether we talk about fruits, veggies, high-quality proteins so that we will nourish our body with the right things. It’s true that our brain runs on oxygen and glucose but we need to be very careful about the sources for that glucose. Coffee and sugar are definitely out of the question here and I don’t mean we don’t need to consume coffee at all, but what I encourage my clients to do is to have one single cup of coffee a day. 
Then, if they really need to consume another cup, the second cup would be a decaf type of coffee. This is important because coffee is going to interfere with another very important hormone and this is called Cortisol or the stress hormone. When our level of cortisol, and this usually happens with entrepreneurs is very high, we will not be able to get that melatonin in the evening, instead of that, we will get more cortisol in the evening, especially if we are used to working until late. So, there are lots of changes and things that are not in the right place with our hormones. This has an impact on our sleep. This has an impact on our weight and body’s health in general. So, all these things are definitely important for us all, not only for entrepreneurs, but I wanted to highlight them. There are some other things we could talk about a lot when it comes to diet, of course, but at least these very basic things should be in place if we really want to perform. 
Susanne Mariga:Thank you for that generous knowledge. That is amazing and very true. For entrepreneurs, a lot of us, we get in this cycle of “I’ll take care of my health later, I need to get this proposal out the door personally, I need to go ahead and get this presentation done,” and so health becomes a second factor for a lot of entrepreneurs. It’s something that we think we’re going to catch up on. I know for me, one of the lessons I learned when I got into my forties was, if you don’t use it, you lose it. That means like, you lose that ability to pick up weights, just even small weights if you don’t use it.
I think the big hit for me was, right at that point that I was about to turn 40 and my back went out because I was working so many hours, and this was my Pre-Profit First days. Mike hadn’t quite written the book yet. But, I was on that same spiral that a lot of entrepreneurs were on where work, work, work, and my body was working great so I didn’t have to worry about it. And then, when I knew my body just said, “I quit, I resigned, I’m walking out on you,” my lower back went out. What I’m saying, entrepreneurs out there, sometimes we don’t get a choice of when we have to exit, but the only way to make it last longer to be able to continue to give at a peak is really to do what Larisa is saying. You got to invest and keep your body going. 
Larisa Petrini:Exactly. There is no way we can function without having the right body if I can say it like that or the body in the right place from the health perspective. 
Yeah. And, this has a huge impact on the profit talking about profits. If you are not able to show up for the business because you simply cannot from the physical point of your physiological point of view, things will definitely have a huge impact on your company’s profit. This is something that I explain to each and every client of mine, “You can push, push, push for a limited amount of time, and then you can not do anything unless you rest.” And you take what I love to say, “A blackout day” in which you literally have a mental health day, but you should do that. Not necessarily the day off, but take care of yourself in the meantime, in the process. Do not wait for your body to crash so that you will have that red flag there, or I don’t know, you could even get sick. 
You could have some serious health issues because of that level of stress that you are not actually managing along. I’m sure we know this, and we are aware of this, but we don’t necessarily implement it because we overestimate our body’s ability to actually function properly especially after 40, things are not the same. We experienced this deep in our productivity and the level of energy even the way we look and we lose hair, and our muscles don’t feel the same and don’t look the same. Those pounds are very stubborn there, and we cannot get rid of them. So, all these things are somehow showing us the fact that we can not function the same way yet we keep pushing and expecting to be productive over and over, no matter what.
Again, I am here to say the fact that things will not be always the same and we should take care, I always say, body first, business second. There is no other way. If you will put your business in the first place, chances are, you will sacrifice your body. And, if you will sacrifice your body and yourself and your health, nothing else will matter, nor your profit, your business, your employees, your thing, nothing else will matter if you will not be in the right shape and form or physically conditioned. 
Susanne Mariga:Definitely! I know one of the things that worked for me, and this is pre-COVID because life is different now with COVID was, being a busy entrepreneur, it was hard to make time for my health because if I could squeeze in a meeting at 8:00 AM or get another, I’m going to take it, I know what really helped me a lot, it was more from the exercise component, it was having a coach that you need to show up because one thing that I learned was I show up for my appointments and I’m not going to leave anybody hanging. I’m going to show up. If I make a commitment to be there, I’m going to be there.
Even though at some point in the exercises you know what to do, but just having that accountability partner, that person to come to you and go, “Hey, I showed up at 6:00 AM,” it really helps put you on a trail for that. I know that you do that type of work, Larisa and we’ll talk about that later on with that. And, as our show winds down, one of the things that I do want to ask you is if you could leave one piece of advice for our viewers and listeners and it can be personal, it can be business related, what would that piece of advice be? 
Larisa Petrini:I would say,  especially because we are on this podcast focused on profit, I would say pay yourself first. And when I say pay yourself first, I mean pay yourself first in terms of time and the type of activities you choose to do and implement every single day. In other words, start your day by moving your body, start your day by, if needed doing a piece of meditation or meditating, start your day by nourishing your body by drinking water, your body needs water like there’s no tomorrow if I can say like that. We lose up to six cups of water. Our body is losing this amount of water during the night. So, the first and very important thing we can do for our bodies is to hydrate our body. So, just pay yourself first and then you can experience any other things you want to experience in your life and business, as long as you are in great shape. 
Susanne Mariga:I love that. You’re absolutely right. Pay yourself first, but not just in profits, but pay yourself first, give yourself your first energy to be able to get ROI on energy, and pay yourself with what you do physically just to maintain yourself and keep yourself at the best. That is a brilliant idea. A good spin on words too. That it’s awesome. I love that. You can have all the profits in the world, but the reality is, if you are too sick to take that trip to Europe, if you’re too sick to travel and to climb that mountain, then all that profit doesn’t do one Hill of beans for you. So, you are absolutely right there. That is amazing. Take care of yourself, pay yourself first, not just in your money, but in your energy and your time and what you invest in your body. So, Larisa, how do we reach you? How do we work with you? How do we find you? What is the best way to get in contact with you? 
Larisa Petrini:There is a very engaging and full of energy group I manage and it’s called Keep GLOWing Privé. I am planning a free masterclass in the next period. Those interested can register on keepglowing.com. Then if anyone would like to know me and to also have a discovery call and walk that person through their specific needs, connect with larisapetrini.com. That’s another place to go.
Susanne Mariga:I love that. So I’m going to put that in the show notes, entrepreneurs so that you can contact Larisa and take her masterclass so that you too can learn how you work with your body and your natural tendencies. Thank you, Larisa, so much for joining us today. This was awesome and so generous the gifts that you gave us about taking care of ourselves and really maximizing our energy. 
Larisa Petrini:Thank you so much for having me. Thank you, Susanne. 
Susanne Mariga:I want you to have your most profitable year ever. Yes, no matter what’s going on in the economy, no matter what’s going on in the world, you can have your best year ever, and I want to show you how. Join me in our private Facebook group where I will be hosting our Free, Yes, I said FREE Profit First Masterclass on Facebook. Please join the Profit First Master Class with Susanne Mariga. I look forward to seeing you there and watching you have your best year ever.

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