Episode 41: Where Intuition Equals Succes‪s‬

Episode 41: Where Intuition Equals Succes‪s‬

I hit six figures within four months of starting my business. That’s not a coincidence. Nobody knew who I was. I didn’t have a program. I didn’t have a brand. But, I put myself out there, really connected to people, truly served, I used what I know, which is getting into alignment. Thoughts, actions, feelings have to be in alignment to get aligned results. And, how do you do that? By getting out of your head. 

Susanne Mariga:Welcome to the Profit Talk Show. In this show, we’re going to explore strategies to help you maximize profits in your business while scaling and creating the lifestyle that you want as an entrepreneur. I am your host, Susanne Mariga. I am a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Profit First Professional, and a Certified Tax Coach. Today, we’re going to talk about strategies to help you maximize profits in your business. 
Susanne Mariga:Hello, Profit First Entrepreneurs, and Thought Leaders. I am so excited because we have Cynthia Stant, visiting with us as our guest for today. Cynthia is a multi seven-figure Producing Sales Professor. She is an expert in all things; Metaphysical and Intuitive, and she’s got some really amazing intuitive skills. Now, Cynthia is a passionate speaker who teaches artfully and authentically, and she helps others achieve success in all areas of their lives. Cynthia owns all of her success, whether that’s finances or businesses or even life, just to her discipline studies of metaphysics, and that’s where she has mastered the art of meditation and has the ability to hone in her intuition and create magic not only in her life but also in her clients’ lives. Please join me in welcoming Cynthia Stant to the platform. Hey, Cynthia, how are you? 
Cynthia Stant:I’m awesome. Thank you for having me today. It’s going to be super fun.
Susanne Mariga:Thank you for being on our show. We’re excited to have you.
Cynthia Stant: Yeah, let’s do it. I’m excited. 
Susanne Mariga: I know you have an amazing career because I’m already familiar with you. I’m a Cynthia fan, but for our audience out there, tell us a little bit about you. How did you get into this? How did you find this need in the world? 
Susanne Mariga:That’s a very good and interesting analogy about having to maintain a certain energy level versus the normal highs and lows that a lot of people experience. So, tell me about that. What’s the first thing that goes into really being able to maintain high-performance energy?
Cynthia Stant:Yeah, absolutely. So, I’ve been in sales my entire life. I love sales. I’m obsessed with sales, and a lot of people when they hear sales, they think spammy, scammy, sleazy. I like to stop right there. Let’s change that because, to me, sales is spiritual. Sales are sexy. Sales are serving. I really believe that, if you are authentically and really having the right intention connecting to people, you can be the star of their success. That’s how I create a ripple effect. That’s how I shine my light. That’s how I leave my legacy. I’ve been in sales my whole life, and I’ve been very blessed to have some amazing positions where I worked with seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs, some celebrity clients, teaching them how to really pivot their businesses online. What I noticed being around very successful people, they would come to me very often and they would say, “Hey, Cynthia, I just love how woo-hoo and intuitive you are, but how practical and bad-ass you are? What is your secret?”
Cynthia Stant: And, it’s really because I’m a dedicated student to Metaphysics,  I’ve mastered my meditation and I understand universal laws. So, being able to apply all those things, I’ve started my own company to really help successful women, entrepreneurs, executives, to embrace universal laws. Honestly, what I say is that, they understand the go-go, go, they understand masculine energy, but what happens is, you go first, the universe responds and if you keep going and don’t allow yourself to reap the rewards and surrender, which is the scariest word to a business professional, but surrender and be vulnerable, you’re going to miss on all the opportunities. So, I worked with very powerhouse women. I joke around and say that they get the ice cream by themselves, they get the hot budge by themselves, and they get the whipped cream, but they come to me when they’re ready for the sprinkles and the cherry. All levels of success. So, that’s a little about me, and that’s how it got started. I love what I do. 
Susanne Mariga: I love that. Can you tell us a little bit about what exactly is Metaphysics, just for us that are not too familiar with that?
Cynthia Stant: I think a lot of people use that term very loosely and they’re like, “what does it mean?” But, if you go back to Latin, the breakdown of words, meta means more, and physics is the science that we can see. So, it’s explaining more than what science can show us. I really do believe that there’s so much happening that you cannot see. And, I always use a very fancy tool, my pen. If I let go of this pen, we all know it’s just going to float away, no, of course not. If I let it go, it’s going to fall. Why does it fall? Gravity. We all understand gravity. But the thing is, you can’t see gravity, but you see how it affects things, and gravity is a law. 
Cynthia Stant: It’s a law of the universe. What goes up, must come down. It’s consistent. It works for you, Susanne, the way it works for me, as it does for Brad Pitt or a homeless person. It’s consistent. These laws are happening all the time. And, if you don’t bring them into your awareness, they could be working against you, rather than for you. Every fall flat on your face, that’s gravity working against you. So, I help people to expand their awareness, to really learn about these different laws, and to have them work for them instead of being a victim, actually being in control of what’s going on.
Susanne Mariga:I love that. That sounds like some serious
martial art stuff.
Cynthia Stant: I learned that in education. But it’s like, if you’re here, live fully, no dabbling, no trying. Let’s do it. Own it. 
Susanne Mariga:So, Cynthia, tell me why is it so important for entrepreneurs to really master, understand metaphysics, and be able to get the things that they want?
Cynthia Stant:I truly believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. You’re 95% subconscious, you’re 5% conscious. Your 
5% conscious is, be here, do that. But you’re subconscious is a huge part of you. So, why would you only play with 5% if you really want to master anything in life? And, success is so much more than just business and finance, but business is a big part of it. I like money. I like success. I like to celebrate those things. So, applying the full part of me to it is going to help me really master it. I’m a hustler. Trust me, I get done more in a day than most people get done in a week, but it’s because I do it through in alignment and it doesn’t feel like work. 
Cynthia Stant: It feels like my purpose. It feels so fulfilling and just natural. Because when you’re in alignment, you can be so much more efficient. You can prioritize your time. You can spend your time with the right people. You know who to connect with. You can get the answer so much quicker. So, knowing spirituality really in line with meditation helps you Uplevel and just crash in business. I’m living proof of that. 
Susanne Mariga:I love that. And, you have a fabulous sales career. I’ve been able to witness that. You’re a multi-seven figure Sales Professional. You’ve taken companies from low seven figures and made them bigger companies. That’s absolutely magical. So, tell me about, even in your own success, what have been some keys that allowed you to really do that so masterfully?
Cynthia Stant:When it comes to success, I always say consistency and repetition. That is the key to success. It’s making sure that you are always serving because when you give, you are allowed to receive, and then it’s really just about no matter what you’re doing, always be authentic, truly be authentic. Make other people first. That’s how people will trust you. What’s interesting is, there are many different businesses right now, let’s be honest, 2020 was a crucial year. A lot of pivoting happened, a lot of shifting happened, and a lot of people turned online and the thing is, people almost forgot what sales are. When they get online, they make it so awkward and different and crazy. But, the core principles are the same, the foundations remain the same. It’s about trust, no, it’s about really connecting to people. It’s about building rapport, and it’s about putting yourself in their shoes. It’s about being authentic, and emotional connections. That’s how you get trust. So, taking those ideas and applying them to online sales. Game changer. 
Susanne Mariga: I love that. We had a little conversation that was offline about being able to read into what’s not stated or not so obvious and that’s a major key in creating success. Tell me a little bit more about that. 
Cynthia Stant: This is interesting. Before I became a Senior Sales Manager, for one of the most successful online business consultants, I was in the Wines and Spirits World. I was the youngest State Portfolio Manager in the country, one of four women. And, at the age of 23, I got these 13 interviews. I’ve been in all types of sales. I’ve done the door-knocking, I’ve done the real estate, I’ve done the phone calls, and then I mastered social selling. The thing is, why I’ve had success at it, is because I have mastered my meditation. And, everyone’s like, “how does that go hand in hand?” When you are sitting in your energy all day, every day, you become very aware and very comfortable with what your authentic self feels like. I call that personally, my inner feminine beast. 
Cynthia Stant:Guys, you have your beast. Ladies, we have our inner feminine beast, but when you connect with her, you hear her loud and clear, and you can tap into other people’s energy too because you can tell what feels different. You don’t realize it, but every day you are emitting frequency, you’re taking on energy, and you are picking up other people’s. So, I’ve really mastered being able to separate my energy from others. When I’m in front of them, or even when I connect across the world. First of all, it’s never been easy to sell. For that little box, I’ve made millions of dollars. That box that fits in your pocket, we’re not talking about your cell phone. I’ve connected with people from Bangkok, Netherlands, Sylvania, Slovakia. I had to Google those because I didn’t even know where they were. 
Cynthia Stant: But the thing is, when you are able to really understand your own energy, you can understand their energy. So, not only does a really good salesperson listens to what people have to say, if you understand the energy, the energetic side of it, the science of that, you can hear what they’re not saying. You can feel what their worries about. You can understand their whys, because, in sales, we all know people, especially when they buy very high ticket price items, they’re buying emotionally and supporting it with logic. But, emotion comes first. So, utilizing the law of assumption, where you help people to think from, rather than of it, think from what it feels like to actually have the outcome, you can really help support people in making that jump. Having them trust you to hold your hands, and make a leap of faith in this big decision, and as long as you support what you’re actually selling, I’m always ethical, I always believe in whatever product it is I’m selling, then you really can help people to take that jump, to change their lives. So, understanding energy really helps you to connect to people and put yourself in their shoes. And again, emotional connection, even through the internet is what builds trust. And, you are not going to sell anything that’s over $10,000 without somebody truly trusting you.
Susanne Mariga: Definitely. I like what you said about being able to read the unspoken word, and read their energy because there have been studies about body language and it’s the body language that communicates much stronger and more powerfully than the words. And, it’s interesting that you say that it’s about reading energy, so, Cynthia, when you’re looking at that, what tips or advice do you have for our listeners and our viewers in terms of being able to tap into understanding their own feminine or masculine being, for the guys out there that are listening in, and then, how do you hone that in to be able to understand others’ energy?
Cynthia Stant:When I say masculine, I say feminine, I don’t necessarily mean male and female. If you can tell, I’m clearly super feminine as I’m really girly, and all that makeup, hair tie, etc. But, I have very masculine energy, too. It’s with a balance that we’re able to manifest. Everything needs to be feminine, masculine, intuitive, practical, and you need to apply both in order to be in the middle. If there’s number one advice that I have, it truly is to start meditating. Now, the thing is, my entire life changed. What happens though is, this is where I’d love to put a little input because a lot of times people are like, “great, I’m going to meditate, but what exactly does that mean?” So, people often say to me, and I smile so nicely, but they’re like, “Cynthia, I just love gardening. Like gardening is my jam. When I garden, I just feel so peaceful and I feel great. And to me, gardening is my meditation.”
Cynthia Stant:I’m like, “That’s wonderful. That’s really great. Kudos to you because I kill everything, either I love it too much or not enough, but gardening is gardening and meditation is meditation.” They’re like, “Oh, okay, so it’s like I did meditation”, and I’m like, “No, no, no, no.” They’re like, “Why not?” Here’s the thing, the most amazing, glamorous, sexiest thought that you can possibly think is still so limiting compared to what God’s source universe has in store for you. So, when you are listening to other people’s thoughts by guiding, we are still filling our minds with noise. So, a lot of people are like, “Okay, it’s prayer, I pray every single day, and it goes hand-in-hand with meditation.” But, prayer is prayer and meditation is meditation. 
Cynthia Stant:So, everyone’s like, “Cynthia, tell me already what is meditation?” Meditation is honestly just the art of doing nothing. When you hear that a lot of times, you were like, “What? That sounds so boring. That sounds so hard. That sounds so difficult.” It’s not. It’s simple. All you are doing is sitting on your hiney and closing your eyes. Now, it’s not necessarily easy because you have to unlearn a lot of the things that have conditioned you and what it is? When you can silence your thoughts, you let go of all the resistance. All of those that you’re not good enough, you’re not ready, you have to wait, you don’t have the money to start, you have to wait until you hire somebody new, all these thoughts, you let go and you get into the flow. 
Cynthia Stant: It’s really the combination of discipline and surrender. And, it’s in here that you can actually hear all the answers because as soon as you ask, you do receive an answer, but your mind is just too noisy to hear it, so get quiet and you’ll know the answers and not just that, you’ll become so comfortable with your own energy. Again, you’ll start noticing when things don’t feel right because it probably doesn’t belong to you. You can help people and connect to them. And, not only in a physical way but in an emotional and spiritual way. People are used to being slant like a skew. They said, “the salespeople are being spammy or scammy,” but when you’re really authentic and really connecting spiritually, they want to come back and they want to tell their friends about you, they want to give you testimonials, they want to upsell with you, they want to go to your event, and they want to do everything with you because you’re doing something that other people aren’t. That’s really the number one thing that I love to teach. That truly did change my life. Meditating. Do it every single day.
Susanne Mariga: That’s amazing because when you think about it, for me personally, some of the best ideas I’ve ever gotten have been on vacation. And, it’s because every day you’re so busy that you just want to get done. And, the biggest epiphanies happen when you just go silent and you’re right, it is really challenging to absolutely do nothing, especially for a lot of our audience here are obviously Profit First, High Profits, probably the A players in their industry, and to be able to silence and do nothing, there’s that guilt that you have to overcome, but that’s exactly what’s needed to hear our feminine beast. That’s incredible. That is really amazing, Cynthia.
Cynthia Stant: You’ll realize that you feel like you’re doing so much and everything is so important. It’s not. Your 80-20 rule truly does apply. And, when you get into the flow, it’s like breadcrumbs, you’re going to realize like a neon sign. This is what you’re supposed to be doing versus like, “Am I supposed to, or should I do that? Or can I do that now?” Eliminate all of that thought and get straight to the point. Again, I had six figures within four months of starting my business. That’s not a coincidence. Nobody knew who I was. I didn’t have a program. I didn’t have a brand, but I put myself out there really connected to people, truly served. I used what I know, which is getting into alignment. Thoughts, actions, feelings have to be in alignment to get aligned results. And, how do you do that? By getting out of your head.
Susanne Mariga: That’s amazing. So, Cynthia, as we wrap up today, if you could leave our listeners, our viewers with one piece of advice, it can be personal, it can be business, what would that one piece of advice be? 
Cynthia Stant: I love this. I have a mantra that I live by all of my followers. We kind of sign out, sign on with it all the time, but it’s the words I live by. It did come to me in meditation, but it applies to almost  everything, whether it’s being a boss in your business, whether it’s through grieving, whether it’s facing fear, and that’s acknowledge it, embrace it, see it through. And, what it’s about is, acknowledging that your past is your story, but it does not define you. And right now, whether you are the CEO of a business or not, you are the CEO of your life. So, it’s up to you to label this opportunity and to embrace it, either as an opportunity or as an obstacle. I’d like to call it an opportunity. And, once you do that, take action, see it through, do something with it because what is knowledge, if it’s not applied. Get up and go, own it, claim it, make it yours, it’s already done. That’s my best advice to anybody. Acknowledge it, embrace it, see it through.
Susanne Mariga: I love it. Spoken from the multi seven-figure entrepreneur herself, Cynthia Stant. I love that. So, how do we connect with you? How do we get more information about what you do and learn about this metaphysics and being able to hone in with our energy? How do we find you? What’s the best way to reach out?
I have all my different platforms, but the one I really want to mention is my Facebook group. I love my Facebook group, it’s my baby. I’m in there every single day. I’m engaging. It is my people. So, my Facebook group is called The Spiritual Success Sorority. Now, here’s the thing, my name is Cynthia Stant. I like alliteration. So, by sorority, it’s not that we are kicking out the guys by any means. Everybody is welcome, it just has a nice ring to it. In The Spiritual Success Sorority, I have a Metaphysical Mindset every Monday, where I have people vote. Again, I don’t like to talk about what people I think they want to know. I talk about what I know they want to know. And so, I let my people vote for what they want to hear. I dedicate my podcast episodes to people that I connect with in the group and what they want to know. We have workshops there all the time. And, one of the ones that really is the most popular, is Mastering Meditation for Success, where I will teach you everything you need to know. I will give you more than you ever paid for any meditation course in that week. And, you will walk away knowing how to start your discipline practice. So, that’s all happening in The Spiritual Success Sorority Facebook group. 
Susanne Mariga:I love that. And today, I’ll place the URL for that Facebook group in the show notes so they can reach you.
Cynthia Stant: Awesome. Thank you so much. I appreciate that.
Susanne Mariga:Thank you for joining us today and sharing your knowledge. 
Cynthia Stant:This was so fun. Any day that we can talk about spirituality, sales, business, and profit. Call me up. I’m in.
Susanne Mariga: Thank you, Cynthia. 
Susanne Mariga:I want you to have your most profitable year ever. Yes, no matter what’s going on in the economy, no matter what’s going on in the world, you can have your best year ever. I want to show you how. Join me in our private Facebook group where I will be hosting our FREE, Yes, I said Free Profit First Masterclass on Facebook. Please join the Profit First Master Class with Susanne Mariga. I look forward to seeing you there and watching you have your best year ever.

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